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About CessionNation...

Cession Nation, LLC. performs and produces a wide variety of media and entertainment services in the forms of, (but not limited to) event coordination/consulting, sound & lighting, wedding ceremonies & receptions (both indoor and outdoor), corporate parties, DJing, promotion, and marketing, with over 20 years of experience. 

Why CessionNation?

CessionNation helps take the stress out event planning by providing free event consultations and customizable package.We are not only DJs and MCs, we are your go-to event coordinators, event consultants, lighting and sound, and music experts! We will quarterback you event from start to finish! From small to big events, we got you covered! We at CessionNation value serving all individuals regardless of their gender, age, race, national origin, sexual orientation, culture and/or educational background. Our focus on being diverse and inclusive enables us to be trustworthy while providing memorable experiences for all.

The Team::

Event Coordinator/Consultant


DJ Cession

The versatile DJ that can rock any party anywhere!



Ty (DJ Cession) Mosley


Event Coordinator/Consultant


"Legendary" Joe

The man who gets you out of your seat and on to the dance floor!



Joe "Legendary" Willis

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Event Coordinating/Consultanting


CessionNation, LLC

The company...



CessionNation, LLC

CessionNation, LLC., provides services such as: marketing, promotion & advertising of performing artists, musical groups, disc jockeys, entertainment groups, nightclubs, and social events. We also make referrals in the field of entertainment; for products, services, events, activities, facilities and locations as well as talent. 
CessionNation, LLC. advertises information to the public. (i.e. providing a website featuring downloadable musical performances, music videos, related film clips, and photographs as well as any and all multi-media materials, information and online reviews of any artist or group of artists.) We also offer consulting, management, and marketing of brands for businesses. 
Our Consulting services are, but not limited to: conducting classes, meetings, workshops, consulting, and providing information, as well as distribution of course materials within the media and entertainment fields. (i.e. music, video and film concepts, script development, live dance, musical performances, etc.) 
The entertainment we conduct is, but not limited to: arranging, conducting, and organizing events & exhibitions for social entertainment; including live performances by an artist or group, DJ's, musical performances, and other social entertainment.
Advertising and promotion services and related consulting; Branding services, namely, consulting, development, management and marketing of brands for businesses; Business consulting, business management and providing information in the music business field; Business consulting, management, planning and supervision.
Disc jockey services; entertainment services in the nature of live dance and musical performances; entertainment and educational services, namely, providing seminars, lectures, workshops and panel discussions, featuring advice and information in the field of music, video and film concept and script development; entertainment in the nature of live radio personality performances; entertainment information services, namely, providing information and news releases about a musical artist; entertainment services, namely, providing nondownloadable prerecorded music, information in the field of music, and commentary and articles about music, all on-line via a global computer network; entertainment, namely, live performances by musical bands; organizing and arranging exhibitions for entertainment purposes; providing a web site featuring the ratings, reviews and recommendations of users on events and activities in the field of entertainment and education.

DISCLAIMERS:::Note: With Our Microphone Package:*Location Of The Event May Have Some Affects On The Wireless Signal - i.e. Wind, Aviation Traffic, Cellular Devices, Wifi Transmitters, And Other Similar Devices May Have An Affect Of Our Microphones Transmitting Signal. A microphone check may be needed prior to the actual event and the day of the event. (Wired Mics may be needed or provided)    


*Aerial video and photography are normally shot at the time of  appointment. Aerial video and/or photography may be rescheduled due to weather conditions. Also, FAA regulations may prevent flying in certain areas.

*All video and photos rights are maintained by Cession Nation, LLC. By using our services, you are granted a non-transferable license to use the media for the duration of your listing. Please contact us if you would like to transfer or use media for any other purpose.

*Photo Licenses:::All photo rights are maintained by Cession Nation, LLC. By using our services, you are granted a non-transferable license to use the media for the duration of your listing. Please contact us if you would like to transfer or use media for any other purpose.

Aerial Photography::: Aerial photography is typically shot at the time of appointment, but may be rescheduled due to weather conditions. We always try to pick the best day in order to safely produce the best possible product. FAA regulations may prevent flying in certain areas.