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About CessionNation...


CessionNation, LLC. performs and produces a wide variety of media and entertainment services in the forms of, (but not limited to) event coordination, promotion, marketing, consulting.


CessionNation, LLC., provides services such as: marketing, promotion & advertising of performing artists, musical groups, disc jockeys, entertainment groups, nightclubs, and social events. We also make referrals in the field of entertainment; for products, services, events, activities, facilities and locations as well as talent.


CessionNation, LLC. advertises information to the public. (i.e. providing a website featuring downloadable musical performances, music videos, related film clips, and photographs as well as any and all multi-media materials, information and online reviews of any artist or group of artists.) We also offer consulting, management, and marketing of brands for businesses.


Our Consulting services are, but not limited to: conducting classes, workshops, consulting, and providing information, as well as distribution of course materials within the media and entertainment fields. (i.e. music, video and film concepts, script development, live dance, musical performances, etc.)


The entertainment we conduct is, but not limited to: arranging, conducting, and organizing events & exhibitions for social entertainment; including live performances by an artist or group, DJ's, musical performances, and other social entertainment.

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